тк, я ни черта не смыслю в мотивации детектива Пардо, обратилась к одному знакомому с тамбы

Q:How do you think Pardo has ever helped the Russian mafia?And how is he related with the Son?

Pardoapologist:I think the police in general had their hands tied when it came to dealing with Russians, because of the political climate at the time. So basically just turning a blind eye to their little ops and hideouts. I’d like so hard to believe that he specifically was in the pocket of the Russians as a hitman of sorts or dirty deeds, but after something like Dead Ahead why would they just abandon him at the end, he’d still have use to them right? WE ALL SAW DEAD AHEAD. I used to support Pardo being a sort of acquaintance to the mafia and the Son but that last bit doesn’t add up for me aside from the Son just cutting him off I guess, which just makes me sad for Manny. It would’ve made sense to at least have a talk when he goes to see the Son if he was working with them. Pardo really could’ve went there for anything, the son just robbed a bank, massacred a strip club, and maybe the cops found the Henchman and wanted to tell him about that? Maybe even warn him the Fans were plotting a hit on their new HQ, it’s hard to say.
Q: How do you think Pardo conducted the case of the killer in a mask Jacket?

Pardoapologist: I'm not sure Pardo was stationed at the precinct Jacket shot up, so he might not have been in charge of that case. He generally puts up a front of indifference acting like the gore doesn't bother him. At some point it's probably half true, to him it's frustrating that violent vigilantism is getting praise.Then again they had Jake's stuff in their evidence room. I assume they transferred whatever was salvageable to their department. Hm I think he used to be pretty hands on in investigations, and thorough. He knows what to look for. Now he just tells the forensics to do it, but he still likes to double check everything by asking
Q: Oh, talking about evidence room. Could he also bring the Son there?So that he can take family weapons(for money of course)?

P:I'd say it's a possibility, since the Son has them in game, and most weapons the police housed are probably unregistered as there were A LOT on scenes so it seems likely there'd be a way to give them to the appropriate heir.
Q:How do you think why Pardo helped the Russians?He can help colombians but chose the Son side.Despite the fact that the son was in a losing position?

Р:In this universe, it seems the Russians defeated the US in the war. So a flood of Russians immigrated. Of course since Americans don't like to share or lose, this came with prejudice and riots from the public at the Russians. The people in charge of maintaining these riots were the police, whether they really wanted to or not. So by default they kinda had to side with the Russians, as that's the wishes of who now controls their government. I'm sure the Colombians were even more unwelcome than the Russians were, regardless of the power difference. I think the Russians had the police in their pocket for awhile, and the tension would get worse if the police suddenly decided to turn against their new Russian overlords lmao

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